What's Nearby

  • Cafes

    Caffe Nero
    6A Abington St, Northampton
    NN1 2AJ

    Costa Coffee
    Princes Walk, Town Centre, Northampton
    NN1 2EG

    Circle Cafe
    Jesus Centre, Abington Square, Northampton
    NN1 4AE

  • How can i get there?


    Northampton Station
    Black Lion Hill, Northampton
    NN1 1SP

    Car Parking:

    Midsummer Meadow Carpark
    Becketts Park, Bedford Rd, Northampton
    NN1 5NX

  • Library

    Northamptonshire Central Library
    Abington St, Northampton
    NN1 2BA

Northampton Combined Court

85/87 Lady's Lane, Northamptonshire, NN1 3HQ View map >>
DX 725380 Northampton 21

T: 01604 470400
F: 01604 232398

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020 7535 0798 or email info@northamptoncountycourt.co.uk

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